Everything, even Scorsese's Irishman has an ending. This project was born from the idea of satirizing the end of our days by launching a product to brighten up our last moments on this planet. Whenever you think about the end of the world, you think about how to avoid this fate, but why not embrace it? Why not assume that enough has already been done and enjoy this latest show that the calm and peaceful apocalypse offers us? That is why we created this range of infusions, to temper the nerves and better face these extreme situations. Only in this way can we enjoy these concatenating catastrophes in peace. And it is precisely in the catastrophes themselves where each recipe in THE END infusions range is inspired, making the product indispensable during the situations indicated by each pack.. If the Asian hornet has conquered your continent, lavender and hibiscus will strengthen your dermis. If a neutron bomb has sapped your vitality, vanilla and cinnamon will flush out excess toxins from your body. If a new virus ravages your nation, you need to be prepared with the defenses that lemon and ginger provide. If an unstoppable fire approaches your home, there is nothing better than mint and rosemary to open your lungs, and lastly, if the meteorite that NASA always promises us finally arrives, choose valerian and chamomile, the greatest natural sedatives. That show better to be seen smiling.

Enjoy the inevitable.

Thursday Jan 7 2021 / Waiting for The End